Bishop Sixth Sense

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In March 2014 Bishop Group acquired the proprietary software that is at the core of Bishop Sixth Sense. It is a natural fit for the work that the Group undertakes for brand owners.

For more than 25 years Bishop IP Investigations has served law firms, trade and patent agents and brand owners directly by conducting research and interviews to clarify the use or abuse of trade marks and other intellectual property.

However, in the age of the internet it became obvious that more and more infringements were taking place online. To keep up with the changing market place and to serve our clients with the depth and efficiency that is our goal, we acquired the Bishop Sixth Sense software.

It enables us to track, via APIs and data mining, suspicious goods that are advertised on websites and trade boards. Our language abilities mean that we can examine in detail offers that are likely to be for fake products, whether they be IT equipment, consumables or fashion items.


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