Fraud Investigation

Bishop International has extensive experience of the investigation of fraud in its many permutations. Advance fee fraud, trade finance fraud, bank instrument fraud, investment fraud and money laundering are all situations that we have resolved on behalf of our clients. We have dealt with fraudulent transactions across many jurisdictions. Many of those transactions have involved organised crime.

Every year higher figures emerge from various law enforcement and other government agencies reflecting the increasing losses suffered by businesses as a result of fraud. The key to stemming losses is to deal with suspicions and to produce evidence as quickly as possible.

Bishop International has helped identify the origins of fraud for many businesses and, in so doing, has helped to stop their losses. Moreover, we have helped those companies to set an example both within their own business and for the sectors in which they operate.

Case studies

The UK subsidiary of a US internet business became the victim of a fraud involving payments totalling more than one million dollars for false invoices. Bishop International worked alongside the City of London Police to investigate the origin of the fraud and recommended changes to the company’s procedures. Our report enabled the client to file a successful insurance claim.


A year-end audit at the UK subsidiary of a US manufacturer of heavy equipment revealed that more than 200 of their machines had gone missing. Bishop International conducted an investigation that demonstrated that a recently departed employee had been given excessive access to the computer system, enabling him to place orders and then make them disappear from the system. Security was lax, allowing the fraudster to have the assembled machines transported out of the site. Bishop’s report prompted local police to conduct a successful investigation into the fraud.