Our job is to protect your brand

Your name — and your brand — is invaluable. It is what your customers recognise as your product or service. Our job is to protect it.

Bishop IP Investigations specialises in investigations concerning trade marks, patents and designs, counterfeiting, grey market and parallel trading. We have conducted major inquiries on every continent on behalf of law firms, trade mark and patent agents and brand-owning companies from a range of industries. In addition, we have negotiated the anonymous acquisition of many trade marks, domain names and other IP assets for brand owners.

The staff of Bishop IP Investigations includes professionals from the disciplines of law, pharmaceuticals and information technology as well as linguists fluent in a range of European and Asian languages, including Russian and Chinese. We work across the world to ensure that your trade mark or patent is protected. If infringements are identified, we will gather evidence that can be used in litigation.

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