Our investigations into counterfeiting have ranged from fashion designs to automotive products and other branded merchandise in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Counterfeiting investigations are often complex, involving purchases of items through front companies, surveillance and liaison with relevant authorities.

Case studies

An individual usually based in the Middle East was providing counterfeit documentation for luxury goods that he was selling via the internet and a network of associates around the world. We tracked the individual to a European country and arranged a meeting in order to gather evidence. Subsequently, we provided information to law enforcement authorities who raided the individual’s premises. Our client was able to obtain signed undertakings that the individual would cease his activities and then dropped its criminal complaint.


An American film distributor was about to release a new blockbuster in US and UK cinemas when it discovered counterfeit DVDs of the film in the UK. Bishop IP’s investigation found high-quality DVDs that included “extras” produced from versions of the master copy. After a series of test purchases from street markets we organised the service of “John Doe” injunctions against dozens of sellers of the DVDs throughout England.


A fashion house learned of counterfeit versions of its branded goods for sale on eBay. Bishop IP Investigations identified the sellers as Greek nationals. Bishop IP staff, posing as buyers of the goods, set up meetings in Greece at which they bought samples of the counterfeit products and obtained information about the supply chain. Our evidence resulted in our client obtaining a European arrest warrant.