Management Team

Bishop Group

Paul Lever, Chairman

Paul’s career spans more than 30 years of executive experience. He joined Reed International in 1985 as Managing Director of Crown Paints. Following the sale of Crown to Williams Holdings, he was responsible for operations with sales of more than £400 million. More recently he has concentrated on a mixture of private and public positions, including an appointment by the British Home Secretary as Chairman of the Authority that managed the UK National Criminal Intelligence Service and the National Crime Squad.

Jeffrey Katz, Chief Executive

Jeff is a New Yorker who came to the UK in 1968 to serve with an intelligence branch of the US Air Force.  He returned to the US in 1973, completed an undergraduate degree and worked as a journalist.  In 1979 he was appointed deputy editor of a British provincial newspaper. In 1987 he was invited to join Kroll Associates in London and by 1995 had become the company’s Director of European Operations.  Jeff left Kroll in 1998 and became Chief Executive of the Bishop Group in 1999, overseeing the acquisition of what is now Bishop IP Investigations. He has been responsible for hundreds of inquiries related to controversial public figures, high profile litigation in Europe, fraud and corruption investigations into listed corporations as well as homicide investigations, including the death in London of Italian banker Roberto Calvi.

Bishop International

Paul Lund, Director of Corporate Investigations

Paul is a solicitor who first became involved in the financial services industry in 1983. In 1988 he became the registered Director of Compliance for a member firm of the London Stock Exchange. In 1990 he joined the Crown Prosecution Service and by 1996 was specialising in the prosecution of fraud cases. In 1998 he was appointed a case controller for the Serious Fraud Office. In 2000 he left the SFO to join Bishop International where he has conducted due diligence inquiries and has supervised the investigation of major frauds at the request of European and American banks and corporations.

Jody Freshwater, Director of Strategic Intelligence

Jody graduated from Lancaster University with an Honours Degree in Psychology. After working in analytical roles for commercial organisations, he trained as an Intelligence Officer at the National Criminal Intelligence Service. He joined the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) at its inception in 2006. While at SOCA he was responsible for intelligence for an operational team and was involved in international investigations into organised crime, including large scale fraud, drug trafficking and people smuggling. Since joining Bishop International in 2008 he has conducted a wide variety of multi-jurisdictional inquiries for clients ranging from international banks and private equity funds to major law firms and global corporations.

Bishop IP Investigations

Graham Robinson, Managing Director

Graham gained his law degree from the University of East Anglia and then qualified in 1997 as a solicitor specialising in intellectual property litigation at the London law firm Nabarro Nathanson. He subsequently practiced law at Olswang as a litigator in the firm’s intellectual property group. After working for two other investigations companies, Graham joined Bishop IP Investigations in December 1999 and became a director of the company in June 2001. He was appointed Managing Director in September 2003.

Steve White, Associate Director

Steve has a degree in chemistry from Nottingham Trent University and eight years practical laboratory experience. After working with SATRA, the British research and technology centre, he moved to Beecham Pharmaceuticals in 1988 and managed the company’s Site Information Service for six years, providing information services to three SmithKline Beecham manufacturing sites. He joined Bishop IP Investigations in December 1999 as an intellectual property investigator and has since completed and supervised hundreds of investigations on behalf of law firms, trademark and patent agents and brand-owning companies from a range of industries.

Rachel Barker, Associate Director

Rachel graduated from Middlesex University with an Honours Degree in Human Geography. She worked in the law library of Allen & Overy between 1993 and 1995 before moving to Haymarket Publishing where she became Deputy Library Manager and provided research for publications such as Management Today, Campaign and Marketing. She left Haymarket in 2001 to work for the Economist Intelligence Unit where she became Research Manager. In that role she provided political, economic and industry-related research for the EIU’s country and industry reports and newsletters. She joined Bishop IP Investigations as a Senior Investigator in June 2012 and has overseen investigations across the world on behalf of the company’s UK and international clients. In September 2014 she was promoted to Associate Director.

Vincent de Vos, Associate Director

Vincent was awarded a B.A. in History from Kingston University in 2005 with a distinction in German and earned an M.A. the following year with a thesis on German colonialism in Africa.  His education was followed initially by working on historical documentaries but he soon found himself in the more exotic world of superyachts. His employer’s services ranged from building to buying and chartering luxury yachts for the world’s super rich.  His roles included identifying and researching the requirements of potential clients and developing relationships within the yachting industry, working with some of the sector’s most famous brands. Vincent joined Bishop IP Investigations in January 2012 and became an Associate Director in September 2015.  He is fluent in German and conversational in Dutch and works extensively with German law firms on IP issues.