Most business opportunities and problems
revolve around people

Almost every business opportunity or problem revolves around people.

When a bank or a private equity group is considering a major investment, they are not simply backing a product or a service. They are backing the people who provide it. When a corporation decides to make an acquisition, it is often buying the management team that has built the business.

If you don’t know about the people involved in a deal — their histories, their strengths and weaknesses, their professional reputations and their motivations — your decisions will be based on assumptions. That’s risky business. Some risks are worth taking, others are not. It’s essential to know the difference. The more information you have the more accurately you can assess your risks.

That’s why Bishop International’s due diligence services are focused not only on digging out what may be found in public records, but on identifying and interviewing individuals who have experience of the people with whom you are dealing. Similarly, during mergers and acquisitions we will tell you what you need to know about the people and circumstances involved in your transaction.

Furthermore, in these days of tough competition you will need to know what other companies in your sector are doing about costs, staffing, product development and other plans for increasing their market share. Our competitor intelligence service will find the key information you need to stay at the top of your industry–or to get there.


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