Competitor Intelligence

No company can maintain its business successfully without a clear picture of how its competitors operate and where they are heading.

What innovations are likely to emerge? Will there be new manufacturing or office facilities? How will changes to processes affect pricing? Is there a strategy for new products or new markets? Is the fight for market share going to intensify and, if so, how?

By collecting intelligence on such issues, we can give you the insight that creates immediate competitive advantages.

Case studies

Acting for a company that believed its principal competitor to be engaging in unfair practices, we surveyed more than one hundred retail outlets. We concluded that the client’s suspicions were well founded and provided evidence that enabled a case to be placed before regulators.


A Western European retailer of luxury goods found that a Middle Eastern competitor was benefiting from significantly low costs of production. Bishop International was instructed to discover why production costs were so low. By interviewing a variety of sources, including bankers, ex-employees and government officials, Bishop was able to identify factors ranging from child labour to hidden government subsidies.


A Central European manufacturer of luxury goods discovered that an Asian competitor had opened a new manufacturing facility. Bishop International was successful in learning the details of staffing, processes, sourcing of materials and machinery and levels of production.