Due Diligence

We help you understand the people with whom you are dealing. Our work will either confirm that things are as they seem or stimulate you to adjust your thinking.

Thorough research supplemented by detailed investigation enables us to verify an executive’s reputation and expertise. Following public record research, we identify and interview people who are familiar with the executive’s background. We cross-reference their comments and combine them with intensive fact-checking.

The process enables us to present a complete and accurate consensus.

Case studies

A European investment bank asked Bishop International to undertake inquiries concerning RBG Resources, a commodities trading company. The bank had been asked to securitise up to $250 million per year in trades. Inquiries in Asia resulted in the discovery of an arrest warrant for the chief executive concerning Customs fraud. Bishop recommended that the bank not proceed with the securitisation and our advice was accepted. A few months later the auditors of the company resigned over false invoicing and shortly afterward it went into liquidation. A number of US and European banks faced losses of more than $600 million and the chief executive was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

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A UK-based financial services company with revenues of £5.5 billion was planning a joint venture to hedge its foreign exchange operations. Terence Freeman was the name of a British national recommended to the company to head the new venture. A combination of interviews and public records research revealed that Freeman’s real name was Terence Sparks and that he was disqualified from being a director of a UK company for 15 years. His recruitment was abandoned and a few months later he was arrested for running a £14 million Ponzi scheme. He was sentenced to eight years in prison.